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Civil Defense Structures
Since the early ages, safety has been one of the most basic needs for human beings.
This journey, which began with an effort to create a safe and sheltered area deep in the caves, continued with fortified structures in the deepest parts of the castles in the Middle Ages, where the castle manager (lords or princes) could hide during the siege. During the Cold War, shelters built for fear of nuclear attacks were raised Today, sheltered rooms such as shelters and panic rooms are being built in the buildings against many threats.

As Motto, we produce reliable, expert systems for shelter and panic rooms, suitable for civil defense structures. With our explosion-proof door systems, we stop the passage of explosion waves and ensure the safe protection of living spaces.

In addition, we maximize security in civil defense buildings with our bulletproof doors and windows, custom-made steel door systems, fire-resistant doors and shutters.
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